NZYF World Congress Future Me Scholarship 2022

We’re proud to introduce the Future Me Scholarship to New Zealand Young Farmers members.  It’s our way of giving the future leaders of New Zealand’s primary sector a step up.  Providing them with financial support for their planned professional development, so that they can grow or acquire the skills, acumen, and knowledge needed to take on and ultimately own their leadership role within the rural sector.

The value of the Future Me Scholarship.

The Leaders Scholarship Programme provides an opportunity for New Zealand Young Farmers (NZYF) members to:

  • Develop and advance their management, leadership and governance skills;
  • Participate in management, leadership and governance programmes that make a positive difference to New Zealand agribusiness and/or their local community.

What it takes to be selected for a Scholarship.

We’re looking for people that can demonstrate:

  • A strong commitment to a career in New Zealand’s primary sector;
  • A real desire to lift their leadership potential in the primary sector;
  • Clearly how their personal development plan - including their goals and aspirations - will be achieved by the path of professional development they want to undertake;
  • A true passion for making the primary sector’s success sustainable for future generations



The Committee will use your personal information to administer the scholarship and assess your eligibility for a Scholarship.  The Committee will ask your permission before disclosing it to others not involved with selection and administration of the Scholarship.

If you are awarded a 2022 NZ Young Farmers Future Me Scholarship, your photo and details may be used in ‘ New Zealand Young Farmers Publications and other press releases promoting the Scholarships or Trust. You may also be asked to provide a profile of yourself and your studies to be used for press releases.  

Please upload a photo of yourself where we can clearly see you. Please ensure that your images are formatted as a JPG